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What is The Users Voice?

The Users Voice is the website magazine of The John Mordaunt Trust (JMT).

Who are The John Mordaunt Trust?


Reverend Kenneth Leech DD
Andria Efthimiou-Mordaunt MSc

Management Committee Members

Jacob Veale
Shirley Scott Norton
Dr Adrian Garfoot M.D

Mark Goldstein BA

Advisory Board

Hattie Wells MSc

Lin Scott

Amber Marks MSc

John Campbell (Honorary President of the UK Coalition of People Living with HIV/AIDS)

Cindy Fazey PhD

We could do with a few more user activist (board) members. If you are based in the UK/London (though London, not essential), can write and are interested in users doing it for themselves! contact us, Cheers! Andria3a@yahoo.co.uk

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