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Walthamstow Marshes - the original survey by Save the Marshes Campaign (1980)

Save the Marshes Campaign successfully campaigned to save Walthamstow Marshes from being used for gravel extraction. The Marshes are now a nature reserve in the Lee Valley Regional Park and designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).
The extensive Survey of Walthamstow Marshes was carried out as scientific evidence as to why they should be saved. It includes all the flora and fauna there and is preserved here as a valuable historic document.
Walthamstow Marshes survey (1.1MB)

The survey document contains a topographical map of the Marshes, which is here as a higher-definition file.
Topographical map

The Lee Valley: Time for a Re-think (1980), by Laurie Elks. Produced by the Lee Valley Association.

Extract from the Introduction: "On the North-East of London there remains by chance a stretch of open and undeveloped land reaching from the countryside in Hertfordshire to the heart of the East End. The Lee valley remained undeveloped not by design but because its geology presented problems of foundation and drainage to those who would otherwise have covered it with building in the last century as they built up the suburbs reaching along either side of the valley."
Time for a Re-think

The Freedom to Wander (1983), by John Best BSc, Dip TP, MRTPI and written for LEEVA – Lee Valley Association.

Published twenty years after the Civic Trust formulated the proposals which brought the Lee Valley Regional Park into existence. The concept, and the Authority set up to implement it, were, and remain, unique in Britain. (From Foreword by Michael Middleton, CBE, Director of the Civic Trust.)
The Freedom to Wander

"Green and Pleasant?" – recommendations to the Lee Valley Park Authority (1983/84)

In 1983/84, the Hackney Lee Valley Forum produced a report "Green and Pleasant?". It contains recommendations to the Lee Valley Park Authority and is preserved here as a historic document.
Green and Pleasant (2.7MB)

New Life for the Lee (1984). Published by the Newham Lee Valley Forum.

Suggestions on how Newham’s overgrown and underrated part of The Lee Valley could best serve East London.
Owing to Crown copyright on maps in the original publication, we have had to omit them from this web version.
New Life for the Lee

A Charter for the Lea Valley - a study carried out by the original Lea Valley Federation (1991)

In 1991, the original Lea Valley Federation produced "A Charter for the Lea Valley". It is reproduced here with their kind permission, to make it available to a wider public, and so that its objectives are preserved in perpetuity.
A Charter for the Lea Valley (500kB)

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