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Planning - East Marsh wind turbine

29th November 2010
A small announcement on page 3 of Hackney Today (the Council's newspaper) stated: "A wind turbine planned for Hackney Marshes will now not go ahead due to the difficult financial climate."

Hackney Marshes User Group (HMUG) and its members have commented on the proposal to construct a wind turbine on East Marsh and have researched the potentially harmful impacts it would have on the wildlife there - particularly on bats and birds.

To find out more, see the following links to the HMUG website:

Letters about the public consultation

Evidence of the impact on wildlife

Latest information

Meeting with ODA and Hackney 2012 at Hackney Town Hall, 16th March 2010
HMUG received minutes of this meeting, together with the promised review of the bat assessment on 10th May.
Minutes of the meeting.

Constraints on position of turbine (see minutes)
A plan provided identifies the following constraints: orange = power cables; purple = BT microwave utilities; dotted circles = distance from residential properties and proximity restriction for having two turbines (one at East Marsh and one at Eton Manor); dotted purple = tree line offset established by Natural England guidance; also need to consider distance from main road which is based on the height of the turbine. This limits the potential locations for the turbine to the northern part of the East Marsh.
Plan of constraints.

Because of the file size of the review of the bat assessment, we have requested that either LB Hackney or the ODA should post the file on their website and provide a link to it. Once this has been achieved, we will post the link here.

Attendees at the meeting were:
Darren Crouch, Steve Dowding, Sarah Halpin, David Rees, Derek, Mike Trier

LBH: Charlie Forman, Charlotte Fitzgerald, Louis High, Kate Mitchell, Will Teasdale
ODA: Ruari Maybank, Paul Hannan
Consultants: Gary Grant (Independent Consultant Ecologist - covering bird surveys), Ian Guest (Buro Happold - covering points about turbine operation/shadow flicker), John Newton (Ecology Consultancy - covering bat surveys)

Background to the meeting:
Hackney Marshes User Group requested a meeting with Hackney 2012 in order to glean more factual information about the proposed wind turbine, in particular about possible wildlife impacts.

The detailed arrangements from the ODA and Hackney 2012 came very late. It was not the intention to keep this matter to HMUG, but it was the most we could do to field about half-a-dozen people to attend. However this was enough to make sure we put some pointed questions; and as it was not a consultation with the prime intention of guaging opinion, a large turnout would not have necessarily been advantageous to anyone.

The Turbiners put out a comprehensive group of experts across the field and we examined in greater depth the reports (such as they are) which stand behind the scheme in its current form. We also got a little more technical information about the turbine, touching on its likely actual contribution to the Grid. The same questions - and others - must be asked repeatedly throughout the process, because the project will come back in more developed form.

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