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Leyton Marsh ODA temporary basketball training facility

Planning Permission was granted by LB Waltham Forest on a vote of 4 to 3 on 7th February 2012.

Information documents will be archived and posted on our Planning - Leyton Marsh webpage.

King's Head Bridge

Information from Richard Rutter (who used to work for LVRPA) at British Waterways to Katy Andrews (KA), 3 January 2012.
1) The black bonded resin surface on the new King's Head bridge ramp is not tarmac, but is deliberately black to match the surfacing of the bridge, which was previously black in colour anyway.  The rails will also eventually be painted black.
The resinous surface was chosen because there is still quite a slope up to the bridge itself and the works have to be DDA compliant, which includes access in wet weather.  (KA pointed out to Richard that the Hackney side is still not DDA compliant, and he said that wasn't BW property!)
2) The Regional Park Authority, in an "anomolous" land deal, included in their Compulsory Purchase of the WF lands at Leyton Marshes the whole of the Towpath and half of the River Lee Navigation north of the Oxbow Island (which was at that time still part of Hackney).  Thus LVRPA and NOT BW own the WF half of the river, and the eastern half of the King's Head Bridge which carries the official Navigation Towapth across the channel.  The western half of the bridge in Hackney is owned by British Waterways (there is some dispute over the exact point of the demarcation!  The LVRPA's ownership of the River Lee Navigation and Towpath ends at the Parish boundary with Walthamstow, and adjacent to W'stow marshes as far as the Horseshoe Bridge BW own the Towpath.  [KA has checked that on the maps supplied with by WF Estates and Property Services and found this to be correct.]
3) The works have been funded by TfL, and are being carried out by May Gurney as BW's contractors, on behalf of the Lea Valley Regional Park Authority which owns the eastern half of the bridge.
4) BW are aware of the basketball court application, and are very worried indeed about light spillage.  KA didn't ask if they had made any submission (they are no longer statutory consultees and so were not contacted by LBWF, but had been contacted by Ove Arup at the pre-Application stage).
5) AT HIS REQUEST - If anyone has any questions about the works at the bridge they should contact Richard Rutter
on 020 7985 7221.
The phone number given on the bridge is incorrect, and lacking a digit anyway!
(The project manager is actually Mish Patel, who was also in charge of the recent Towpath improvements by Millfields on the Clapton side of the river.)


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