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Consultations - LVRPA Walthamstow Marshes Landscape Framework

4th March 2010 - Walthamstow Marshes Landscape Framework
Summary of questions from Laurie Elks, LVF; and answers from Rob Cairns, LVRPA
The revised version of this document was presented by Chris Watson at a consultative meeting at the WaterWorks.
Q1.    Some plans were presented, but I gather from the page numbers on these plans that they are drawn from some larger document prepared by the consulting architects and no doubt the plans and the text cross-refer.  Is the report available and if not can it be made available?
A1.    Yes, the report is available
on our website.
Q2.    I understand that the Walthamstow Marshes strategy is in some way an offshoot of the Upper Lee Landscape Strategy (ULLS).  Is the ULLS a public document and if so, how can I obtain a copy?
A2.    The Marshes Strategy was not intended to be an offshoot of the ULLS, although it was in the end to some extent subsumed into the larger study. I am not directly involved in the Upper Lea Landscape Strategy, so am not precisely sure of timings and report availability, but my understanding is that there is a draft final report currently being reviewed by the collective client bodies. I assume when this report is finalized it will be made publically available. The North London Strategic Alliance are the commissioning client for the work and should be able to give you more precise information.
Q3.    I think that the consultation process is slightly unclear.  I understand that the plans exhibited at the Waterworks were only made available at the last moment and - I suspect - the full text of the document (which no doubt helps to explain much of the detail in the document) is apparently not available. None of the Plans are currently on line (I think),  It is not clear what further information is being available, what is the closing date, or what happens next. Please understand that I am making these points in the context of a desire generally to support the strategy - not oppose it.
A3.    Our intention is to make the full report available on our website. Unfortunately we have only just received that report from the consultants, so the consultation hasn't been quite as seamless following the presentation last Wednesday as we had hoped. Assuming we can get the report on our website for the beginning of next week I will suggest a close date for comments as the 12th April, giving a little over a month for people to respond.
Q4.    It is not clear (and perhaps this question is premature) to what extent other agencies have bought in to the strategy.  Is it a "vision" - i.e. something that the park Authority hopes to do if it can get the support of other agencies; or a "strategy" in the sense of something that the Park Authority expects to be able to achieve.  To give an example - I am mystified why the flood relief channel along Low Hall is so heavily defended by fences (it was not always so.)  Question in this case - is the Environment Agency "onside" or is this all for the future?
A4.    The work was commissioned primarily to provide the Authority with a framework for the future management and development of its own estate: it is to be a statement of what we want to achieve rather than a consensus position of the various agencies who manage land in the area. The decision to prepare the strategy in this way was in the context of a number of other studies in the area being undertaken by various other organisations that were making a range of recommendations in relation to our land. The intention of the study is to provide a robust position from which we can clearly and consistently state how we intend to manage and develop our land. So other agencies have not necessarily "signed up" to the content of the report (for that
matter, neither have we as yet, as we have not had a chance to review the report - it is purely a consultants report at this stage). We intend to use the strategy as a starting point for future discussions with agencies such as the EA.
Q5.    Is there any timescale in which it is intended to implement the strategy?
A5.    Not as yet.
Q6.    Is there any budget behind it and are any of the North London Strategic Alliance partners involved?
A6.    There is no specific budget allocation from the LVRPA to deliver capital works, but of course the strategy will help direct the day to day management and maintenance operations that in themselves will deliver much of the landscape aspiration. There is also a range of other funding opportunities available for the area - for example LB Waltham Forest have funding allocated to improvements in the area, the Black Path proposals have funding support from the Mayors Great Spaces initiative and we are working with British Waterways, Transport for London and both LB Waltham Forest and LB Hackney looking at improvements to the accessibility of bridges across the Navigation. So there are a number of opportunities for funding - the purpose of the strategy is to help us have developed schemes ready to implement so that we can quickly move to secure funding as and when opportunities arise.
Q7.    How does this strategy relate to the review of the Park Plan?
A7.    This study is in many ways a pilot for the type of detailed area based proposal work that will be developed for the whole Park, within the strategic framework provided by the Park Development Framework. One of our areas of review of this draft strategy will be to assess how well it relates to the six key themes of the PDF and if there are ways we can further strengthen the link between the strategic vision and aims for the Park and the delivery of those through site specific development and management.

6th April 2010
LVF Response to Walthamstow Marshes Landscape Framework
Response document

29th July 2011
LVF Response to the revised
Walthamstow Marshes Landscape Framework
Resonse document

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