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Consultations - LVRPA Upper Lea Valley Landscape Strategy

Update, 8 October 2012
Waltham Forest council have invited written submissions from organisations with relevant expertise and track record to become ‘delivery partners’ on the proposed Walthamstow Wetlands scheme. In partnership with Thames Water they plan to open Walthamstow Reservoirs to wider public access.
Read more on the Blackhorse Action Group website.

This is a document of utmost importance which will affect our consideration of many issues. For reasons unknown to us, it has not been posted on the Park Authority's website and is not available in printed form.

The Lea Valley Federation was given a low-resolution copy of the document on CD. Because of the original file sizes, they have been broken down into segments, each of which is less than 400kB.

The document is entitled "From edge to common ground " and is in two sections:

Section 1 - Strategy
The text of the whole document and two illustrative maps are in one file.
Chapter 6 "Delivering the vision" contains two maps of prioritising the projects and one of dependence on development - these are in a separate file.
Other maps and illustrations in this section have been omitted
as they were not considered essential to the understanding of the text - but see Complete files at the foot of this page.
Links to Strategy files:

Section 2 - Projects
The projects cover three areas of the Lea Valley, which - from south to north - are named "Walthamstow Wetlands"; "Central Leeside"; and "Forest and Green Belt".
There is one file containing an overview of the projects; three files detailing the projects in each area; and five schedules for the projects (one for Walthamstow Wetlands, two for Central Leeside, and two for Forest and Green Belt).

Links to Project files:
Projects overview

Walthamstow Wetlands
Walthamstow Wetlands Schedule - Projects 1 to 14
Walthamstow Wetlands Schedule - Projects 15 to 27

Central Leeside
Central Leeside Schedule - Projects 28 to 44

Forest and Green Belt
Forest and Green Belt Schedule - Projects 45 to 53
Forest and Green Belt Schedule - Projects 54 to 63

Complete files
If you would like to receive the original files as an email attachment (14MB), please ensure that this is within your permitted file size, then send an email with the subject line "ULVLS originals" to the address on our contacts page. Please allow ten days for receipt.
If 14MB is greater than your permitted file size, there is another method of transfer - please ask.

Last Updated: Wed 19-Dec-2012

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