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Planning - Leyton Marsh

Marshroots celebration: 21st October 2012

'Save Leyton Marsh' group is celebrating the return of Porter's Field on Leyton Marsh to local people on 21 October and would love it if you, your friends and the members of the groups you represent would join them. Alongside the fun and frolics they would like to use this opportunity to kick start an informal conversation about how the groups can work together to ensure the marshes of the Lea Valley are protected and supported for the long-term future.

Contact: saveleytonmarsh@hotmail.co.uk

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'Save Leyton Marsh'

Email address

Facebook group

Email group.
To get involved subscribe by sending an email to:
or email directly butterflea@riseup.net.

Background information
This is an urgent issue and people are needed to get involved in whatever
capacity they can. If you are interested in getting involved but can't come
to meetings do please get in touch; there's lots you can do, most
importantly being spreading the word.


Planning Application
by ODA for a temporary basketball training facility for 2012
LB Waltham Forest Planning Application ref. no. 2011/1560

Second Planning Application by ODA for permission to excavate to a greater depth than the previous 200mm of topsoil.
LB Waltham Forest Planning Application ref. no. 2012/0359
It is described as a 'non-material amendment'  to planning permission 2011/1560.
Deadline for objections to be received is noon on Wednesday 28th March 2012.

Planning Permission
was granted by LB Waltham Forest, 7th February 2012 on a vote of 4 to 3.
Conditions were imposed, including one stating that the site must be returned to its original condition by 15th October 2012.

Photos of Leyton Marsh
Waltham Forest Civic Society, an affiliate group of the Lea Valley Federation, has posted photos of Leyton Marsh and the immediately adjacent areas on its website. Click on the Gallery link, then the link for more photos.

Images of the proposed installation
Click on a thumbnail to see the full-size image of each photo-montage.
These show architects' impressions of the entire site, including the basketball halls, support buidlings and perimeter fence.

Images courtesy of Michael Murnane

Last Updated: Mon 15-Oct-2012

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