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Planning - Essex Wharf

Essex Wharf
Borough: Waltham Forest
Description of Work: Residential development

Essex Wharf from Lea Bridge, before demolition
of the Victorian industrial building

Latest News

11th October 2012, On-site activity
Excavators were at work on the Essex Wharf site, and it is assumed that constuction has commenced. We have no positive information that the developers have started, but they have their planning permission and all legal challenges have been discontinued so they are entitled to do so - alas.

19th April 2012, Vehicles on Essex Wharf site
Essex Wharf will be used as a base by Balfour Beatty on behalf of National Rail most weekends until the final weekend of 7/8 July.

26th May 2011
Outcome of LVRPA Executive meeting.

26th May 2011
The petition
calling upon the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority to apply for Judicial Review received 336 signatures in support of it. Many thanks to all who responded. The petition will be delivered by the Lea Valley Federation to the LVRPA Executive at their meeting this afternoon. Laurie Elks of the LVF will be addressing the meeting.

Stephen and Lucy Dawson. http://www.luphen.org.uk/walks/lea_valley_walk/4-ponders_end_limehouse.htm

View along the River Lea towpath by Walthamstow Marsh, looking towards Lea Bridge Road - an unbroken stretch of
counryside with no
residential buildings. The Lee Valley ice centre, adjacent to the Essex Wharf site, 
is visible under the section of bridge over the river.
It is this unbroken countryside that we are striving to protect from inappropriate development.

19th May 2011
A paper from the LVRPA states that they have taken legal advice regarding the cost and chances of success with Judicial Review. On the basis of the advice received, they are inclined not to proceed with this. The paper will be presented to the LVRPA Executive Committee on 26th May 2011.

A petition was circulated, "calling upon the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority to apply for Judicial Review to prevent the Essex Wharf site being developed for high density housing of up to seven storeys. The site is surrounded by Metropolitan Open Land and nature reserves and is in the middle of the Regional Park which was established by Act of Parliament to provide a green lung for the enjoyment and health of inner city dwellers and create leisure and recreational opportunities. In keeping with the original intentions of Parliament, we would ask that the Park Authority take the necessary judicial action to represent the public interest". The petition is to be presented to the Park Authority on Monday 23rd May. If you wish to sign the petition, please send you full name and postcode to the email address on our Contact page, not later than Sunday 22nd May. Your email address will also be included on the petition for verification of identity.

6th May 2011
London Borough of Waltham Forest confirmed Planning Permission for the development after agreeing Section 106 conditions with the developers.

7th April 2011
Members of the Lea Valley Federation (LVF) discussed what action we might take about the report to the Lower Lee Valley Regeneration and Planning Committee 7th April meeting from Stephen Wilkinson (LVRPA), which recommends that the Park Authority does not request Judicial Review of Waltham Forest's decision to grant planning permission for high-density housing at  Essex Wharf.

We decided to attempt to persuade the Committee to defer their decision until more authoritative information is available. A link to our report is below.

We presented the views of the LVF in person at the meeting. The decision will now probably be taken at an Executive Committee meeting; it is not clear which meeting this will be.

Thank you for your support, especially those who attended the meeting.  We will keep in touch about further developments.
LVF report to Committee

21st March 2011
The Lea Valey Federation issued a Press Release. Leabridge Ward Councillors released their statement.
Press Release
Leabridge Ward Councillors' statement

18th March 2011
The Lea Valley Federation were informed of the Secretary of State's decision NOT to call-in the Planning Consent for the third application.

4th March 2011
The Lea Valley Federation were informed by Paul Jackson B Arch (Hons) RIBA, an Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, of his decision to reject the appeal by the applicants against refusal of Planning Permission for their second application.
Covering letter

8th February 2011
The Lea Valley Federation made representations to Ian McNally of Communities and Local Government, supporting the proposition that the planning consent for the third application should be called in for public enquiry.
Letter or representation

4th January 2011
The LB Waltham Forest Planning Committee approved the third application for high-rise residential development at the Essex Wharf (Essex and Eastwood Wharf) site.
Account of the meeting

21st December 2010
The third Planning Application for residential development on the Essex Wharf site will be heard on:
Tuesday 4th January 2011 at Waltham Forest Town Hall at 7:30pm.

Full details of the application and objections are now on the LB Waltham Forest website
"41 Application 2010/0934 Essex Wharf, Lea Bridge Road, E5"
Agenda item 41, pages 10 to 53.

Please support our opposition to this application by attending this meeting, at:
Waltham Forest Town Hall,
Forest Road
London E17 4JF

2nd November 2010
The Lea Valley Federation submitted their comments on the applicants' Appeal against refusal of Permission for the second Planning Application for residential development on the Essex Wharf site.
LVF submission doocument

28th September 2010

The deadline for comments on the third Planning Application is 30th September 2010.

Supporters of the LVF's position can comment to Waltham Forest with wording such as:

'I object to the planning application ref. 2010/0934 on the Essex Wharf site. No housing should be built on this site because it is very important to the Lea Valley Regional Park; because of its isolation from transport and other services for residents; and because its
presence will create a wall of development between two important open spaces, Millfields and Leyton Marsh, which should remain visually linked to each other.'

Development Control officer dealing with this is Jon Price, email: jon.price@walthamforest.gov.uk
Further details in our Newsletter No.2

Letters of Objection - 3rd Planning Application

From LVF  Lea Valley Federation (PDF 202kB)
From NLLDC  New Lammas Lands Defence Committee (MS Word 85kB)

10th July 1010

Sherry Green Homes, developers, gave a presentation of their proposed design for a third Planning Application.
Summary of presentation and background infromation

Thursday, 6th May 2010
London Borough of
Waltham Forest Directorate of Environment and Regeneration voted to REFUSE permission for the proposed residential development on the Essex Wharf site.

They stated:
"The proposal fails to maximise opportunities for achieving a high quality development, by virtue of its excessive bulk, scale, height and massing, coupled with a lack of appropriate visual permeability, resulting in a poor integration with, and detrimental impact on, the wider riverside and landscape setting. In addition, the eastern elevation of the development is of poor design quality in lacking sufficient articulation and detailing, resulting in a detrimental visual impact to this prominent frontage of the development."

An account of the Essex Wharf planning application, appeal and objections was presented at the first Open Meeting of the Lea Valley Federation. Read the report.

Wednesday, 3rd February 2010

London Borough of Hackney Planning Sub-Committee voted to oppose the planning application made to LB Waltham Forest for the residential development on the Essex Wharf site:

   * The Committee said that housing is not appropriate on the site this amendment was moved by the Chair, Cllr Vincent Stops, well done him;
   * The Committee recommended that "a more co-ordinated approach (via a working group) should be undertaken to planning applications along the River Lea".  NB this would include the Thames Water site.

Members of Lea Valley Federation and New Lammas Lands Defence Committee (affiliated to the LVF) spoke at the meeting.

Letters of Objection - 2nd Planning Application

From CABE  Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (MS Word 277kB)
From CPRE  Campaign to protect Rural England (MS Word 33kB)
From LVF  Lea Valley Federation (PDF 207kB)
From MUG  Millfields Users' Group (MS Word 62kB)
From NLLDC  New Lammas Lands Defence Committee (MS Word 64kB)
From WFCS  Waltham Forest Civic Society (MS Word 48kB)
From EA  the Environment Agency - ten planning conditions to be imposed on any planning permission granted (PDF 112kB).

The Environment Agency's response did not contain an objection but did contain a number of conditions. The reason for this is the framework within which the Environment Agency is set up: The Environment Act, 1995, sets out the Environment Agency's duties; these are related to a number of areas, including Nature Conservation (revolving only around rivers and wetlands), Fisheries, Flood Risk Management, Contaminated Land and Pollution. When responding to planning applications the Environment Agency can only respond with regard to these areas;  i.e. they can object if they believe that a development would have a impact that they would consider to be unacceptable on one of these aspects; and not on the site as not being appropriate for development.

Planning Inquiry into previous application

Planning Inquiry into appeal against refusal of planning permission for earlier application for residential development
Proof of evidence from LVRPA Head of Planning


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