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Topics On This Page: Help - Members Database


By default, people are classified in five lists:

  • Members currently paid up club members
  • Luminaries distinguished members of other clubs who may be contacted for exemplary roles such as General Evaluator and Competition Judge.
  • Guests who have attended but not joined
  • Mailing List mostly casual browsers on the web site.  They will receive notification of club meetings to encourage attendance.
  • Ex-Members useful to keep on file for future reference.

The lists are displayed as tables use the alphabetical finder for long lists of names.  Click on titles to sort by a different criteria (e.g. membership renewal date, last speech project, etc.)  Click EDIT to change some details, click SCHEDULE to view a persons role schedule.

There are two ways to add people to the lists:

  The recommended fast start method is to import a list, then edit members details to add the detail.  Alternatively, members will be prompted, automatically by email, to check and maintain their own personal details.





This will help you generate repeat guests and new members.

This is explained HERE

BATCH EDITING - Members Renewal Dates

When renewal dates come around it may be necessary to update lots of members' renewal dates.

Editing each member one-by-one would be a tedious task - so I have provided a single screen toupdate all members at once.


At bottom of screen there's an option to Edit Member's Renewal Dates.

If the next renewal data is not already on the system then click Add More Renewal Dates.



* Use IMPORT LIST to import your existing list of members.
* If you have separate lists of past guests who should be sent meeting reminders then import them under GUESTS and/or MAILING LIST and EX-MEMBERS
* LUMINARIES are esteemed members of other clubs etc who do not get a regular meeting reminder.
* For each member of the committee, edit their entry and assign their user type to PRESIDENT etc. Any member with any role other than (Ordinary Member) automatically has Admin rights.
* If you wish to create a new role which has admin rights (e.g. AREA GOVERNOR), then go LIST MAINT / USER TYPES / ADD. The new role must have DISPLAY_ORDER non zero. I suggest maybe 100, as this is the order in which roles will be listed in teh default CONTACT US page.
* Now assign your user to this role

How can I find and change the owner of the club.

The owner of the club is the President, or the person who is in the highest role. The highest role is determined by "Display Order" (zero is reserved for non admin users, so 1 is indicates the most senior role) To make someone else President, you need to edit that person to give them the role and remove yourself from that role, or assign yourself to a different role. * Go PEOPLE. * For each member of the committee, edit their entry and assign their user type to PRESIDENT etc. Any member with any role other than (Ordinary Member) automatically has Admin rights.

The club officers can do as much as that as they want - but the system is self-maintaining. It mails the members periodically and asks them to complete their own details, etc. It also sends out personalised meeting reminders with details of how to log on, book a meeting slot etc.

When you use PEOPLE / IMPORT LIST members are automatically sent a notification, and an invite to update their own details. This can be suppressed by clearing the "send notification" box.

Email bounce for a number of reasons. You need to determine which of these reasons are permanent failures - they may be temporary. Collect all the bad email addresses into a list. All PEOPLE LISTS (except MEMBERS) have a BULK REMOVE option. You need to visit each list separately and select BULK REMOVE, then paste your list of addresses into the list.

Compile them all into a single list (use NOTEPAD)



  • Select BULK REMOVAL (this option is not available on the MEMBERS tab)
  • Paste your list of addresses into the text box dialogue (example below)
  • hit TIDY UP.

It'll tell you how many addresses have been removed.

You cannot delete the addresses of MEMBERS in this way.

Visitors to the web site add themselves to the Mailing List. The SAA should add Guests to the Guest List. Functionally there is no difference - they receive the same meeting reminders, they cannot be added to the program (but Special Guests aka Luminaries can). All non-members also receive a tagline which gives them an option to unsubscribe themselves.

It has been made deliberately difficult to delete Members. Records can be deleted from any group except Members, so removing a member requires you first move them to another group (e.g. Ex-Members) - edit their record and make People_Group = Ex-Members.


There's currently no way to opt out of the mailing list. Only way is to edit MY DETAILS and move your email address to the comments field. Change your password to something you'll remember, 'cos it won't be able to mail you it if you ask.

They can add themselves to the mailing list (SUBSCRIBE TO MAILING LIST) or a club officer can add them to the database (I'd recommend on the Guest List or Mailing List)- then they can request their password from the MEMBERS LOG-ON screen - quoting their email address. It will then email them a password. They will have access to change their own details, and to indicate whether they will be attending certain meetings.

All club officers have privileged access to the database. To assign a member as a club officer, Edit their record and assign the User Type field accordingly. The list of available USER ROLES is maintained in LIST MAINTENANCE. Make sure you remove rights from people who are no longer on the committee. You can check who's what from the PEOPLE screen, and sorting by USER TYPE.

Last Updated: Tue 05-Jul-2016

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